Long Distance Moves


Cross Country & Long Distance Moves

Our team of professional movers & relocation consultants are ready to help you complete your cross country move

Fast, on-time & safe

Long distance moving companies stand out by being organized, professional and equipped to handle every aspect of moving your entire life from one city to another. It is a daunting prospect, to pick everything you have built and transport it all to a new place, for a new adventure. First Ship Cargo & Movers is uniquely qualified to help you do just that.

Try our express Weekly Shuttle

No matter if your long distance move is taking you from UAE you can reserve a spot on one of our weekly shuttle services. We constantly send regular shuttles to your destination, saving you time and headaches on planning your cross country move. Learn more about our direct and express long distance shuttle service today.

Special Treatment for Long Distance Moves

  • A relocation consultant to help you prepare properly
  • Professionally trained movers with knowledge of cross-coutry move requirements
  • Boxes with an extra layer of protection
  • Double wrapping of furniture
  • Custom wood crating

Guaranteed Delivery Dates

As soon as we can confirm the date of your pickup, we will absolutely guarantee the delivery date. Our planning team can make it happen and will double-confirm availability internally and with you. This is one of the most unique offerings of First Ship Cargo & Movers and that prevents many potential headaches when you’re waiting for your stuff to be delivered.